Reading Comprehension:

The children will be assessed on the reading comprehension skills at the end of year 6 in the KS2 reading SAT paper. Here are some of the main skills they will need to be successful:

  • Skimming and scanning (the ability to locate information quickly within a text).
  • Retrieval (finding information within a text, e.g. find a copy a word that shows the character was happy)
  • Inference (making guesses based on evidence within the text, e.g. why do you think the character was happy)
  • Use evidence from the text (in a lot of their answers the children must directly quote or use evidence from the text within their answer)
  • Authorial intent (why did the author chose to do something, e.g. why did the author choose this setting)

A  really effective strategy for written comprehension questions is the PEE method (Point, Evidence, Explanation). Here is a link with more information: