Learning about Global Trade in Geography

Do you recognise these company logos?

Goods such as clothing, computers, drinks, food, toys and notebooks are made by these companies.
They sell these goods to people living in countries in all seven continents of the world.
They are sold on a global scale. A class of children in Australia, India, Sweden, North America, or China are as likely to recognise these logos as you are.

Trade is the buying and selling of goods and services we want and need. When we think about trade as geographers,
we consider the scale of trade and think about how trade links places and people.

Everything we want and need cannot be sourced within the national borders of the United Kingdom. We therefore import items such as food products from other countries.

We have been looking at food products and where they come from.

Oranges from Morocco in Africa. 

Pasta from Italy.

Bananas from Costa Rica in North America.

Hibiscus Flowers in syrup from Australia.

Grapes from Chile in South America.