Maths Parent Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Maths Parent Meeting this afternoon. I know how much fun you all had doing maths!

At St Alban’s, we believe that our ambitious maths curriculum ensures that all children know and remember more.

In maths lessons, prior knowledge needs to be deliberately activated so at the start of every maths session before new ideas are introduced, time is spent enabling all children to revisit the knowledge they will need. This REVIEW helps children to make connections and should be generative so all students are engaged in retrieving their existing schema.

A key challenge for learning is that working memory is limited.

There are lots of things that can cause it to be overwhelmed.

Learning facts to automaticity, can help to ensure that working memory remains focused on the information that is being taught. 

ALL children need a DEEP understanding of the maths they are learning.

Topics last for as long as the children need to grow and embed their learning.

Remember, we are all mathematicians.

Parent Maths Meeting April 2023