e-safety: Roblox

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This week’s e-safety guidance is on the popular Roblox software. the guidance discuess the studio, chatting and friend requests as well as online payments and how to keep your child safe.

Dissolving in Year 5

By Science, Year 5

In Year 5, we have been finding out about which materials dissolve in liquid to form a solution.

The sugar dissolves in water. The sugar is the solute. The water is the solvent.

When the sugar dissolved in the water it created a sugar solution.

Which solids do you think will dissolve in water? Does the temperature of the water affect whether the solid will dissolve?

Year 3 observing over time.

By Science, Year 3

Year 3 used the working scientifically skill of observing over time to see if they could change the colour of a white rose.

They put a rose in a jar of water and food colouring and left them to see what would happen.

Some children’s flowers changed colour.