Parent Information for the Oakes 12th to 14th October 2022


We aim to set off at 9am on Wednesday 12th October and set off back from the Oakes at 2.30pm on Friday 14th October.  We should be back at school for approximately 3pm.

What do children need to bring?

  • a sleeping bag, a pillowcase and a non fitted under sheet
  • towel
  • nightwear, underwear, socks, indoor shoes
  • at least two pairs of old trainers/walking boots
  • at least 2 pairs of shorts and leggings/ tracksuit bottoms
  • T-shirts and warm tops
  • Waterproofs – wet weather does not stop play
  • Personal care items e.g. soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, comb/brush, sun cream, asthma inhaler (if needed)
  • Pocket money – there is a tuck shop (£1 sweet limit per visit)

No more than £5 in change. There are also other items to buy so up to £20 to buy a t-shirt/hoody etc.

  • Luggage with wheels if possible- it is a long walk to the house.

If you want your child to bring their clothes back with them, please name all items and pack with your child so that they know what they have brought.

What not to bring

  • Mobile phone
  • Electronic game or valuable toys
  • Expensive clothes – we are going to get dirty!
  • Any food or drink