How have we become better leaders?

Lucy: During the leadership program I have become more confident to talk in front of crowds and important people, such as governors. I have also shared and thought of ideas to make our school better and help other children. I will always help my House and I have learnt that I love to win!

Edward Athey: While I have been a leader I have learnt how to speak to audiences and attend meetings to organise events for my house. I also counted points for my house, I have had meetings with very important people, such as, The Chair of Governors- so that really boosted my confidence.


What my House have to say about my leadership?

Phoebe Carver, Y2

Ruby said that the Spelling Bee was a huge hit and brought our House together. She likes being in Carmel as this is fun and she has good friends in the same house. Next year, she would like us to start the spelling club again.

The most points Ruby earned was 3 for finishing her work to a high standard.

Amelia Topliss, Y6

Amelia loves being in Carmel because she thinks that it is the best, go Carmel! She loved the Spelling Bee and would also like a spelling club. The most points she was ever rewarded was 20 for creating a fabulous book review for the school library.

Will Green Year 6

Will loves Carmel but would really like to win the cup one term. He has good friends in Carmel and likes it when the team comes together to do events such as the treasure hunt. The most points he was rewarded was 10 for good sportsman ship in P.E.

Our Successes

We planned the Carmel Spelling Bee, which was held on the 14th June. This was a huge success and one person from each class in every house competed to win the top prize of 500 house points! Even the audience wrote down the words, and we picked some at random! This really raised the profile of spelling – most children know the common exception words. Spelling is cool and we are good at it as a school.

Spelling Homework Club

We started a Spelling Club but this was not a success but helped us to reflect on our leadership.The House Leaders could lead this next year and we are quite happy for them to learn from our experience.