How we have become better leaders?


As a leader, I’ve learnt how to organise events more efficiently and properly. Also, I am more confident when speaking in front of large audiences and how to present work I’ve done in different ways.


As one of the Jericho house leaders, I have learnt how to have an idea and follow it up. I have also learnt to be confident when talking to large audiences and in interviews. Our greatest achievement was presenting the maths game show challenge to the whole school. We did this all by ourselves-  no adults needed!

What have we led?

Maths Competition

In our year we have accomplished many things, one of them is hosting a maths competition. We devised a test for each year group with appropriate levelled questions. Children from each house then had an opportunity to represent their house. We bought buzzers, designed a presentation and hosted the whole competition.

During the challenge, Joseph asked each house/ year group a different question, depending on their ability. He captivated the audience and was quite funny really.

The Governor

At the start of the leadership program we had to make a motto and logo, which are displayed on our house boards in the hall.  Recently, we met up with the chair of governors to show our progress and discussed the things that we have done. We have big folders to put everything we have done in the year and he enjoyed looking at our photos. He asked us some difficult questions that made us think. Such as- what difference have you made? What challenges did you face?

As a house leader we delivered collective worship. One collective worship we talked about what it means to be in Jericho?  The children loved learning about Jericho and the story of Joshua. We have to collect house points every week from every class, then count them up and display them on our boards.

What my House have to say about my leadership?


Max Y6

I love being in Jericho and think that we have been a good influence to improve maths in school. I didn’t take part in the maths competition as I don’t like the pressure but it was good to watch.  Joseph was a very funny presenter!