What my House have to say about my leadership?

Amelia Y6

As part of House Jordan I have joined the Worship Team and this has made me feel more involved in Collective Worship. I love doing protection prayers most. I also like to be in the Worship team as I feel I can influence others to get involved.

Y2 Blake

Blake thought the school cleanliness is better. He said that he often lost his school jumpers and because of our lost property rota he has found most of his lost items.  He has enjoyed taking part in prayers. He really enjoys the breathing prayer as it takes away all the stresses.

How have we become better leaders?


I can talk confidently to large audiences. I have met important people and shared ideas with them one of them including the Chair of Governors. I have also developed my organisation skills. The program has made me learn that you can achieve things with the right attitude and lots of hard work.     


I have definitely improved and feel confident to discuss my ideas. I have also done better in talking face to face with people. Because of the worship team more people have been thinking of God and this makes me very proud.

What have we done?

Made the school more spiritual through creating a school worship team

Introduced the Pycroft Bible to year 6 pupils

Interviewed pupils to find out their favourite worship songs and prayer

Introduced new prayer rota

Added scripture throughout school