At St Alban’s we follow the Programmes of Study from the National Curriculum. We use our spiral curriculum to develop scientific skills and knowledge from FS1 to Year 6.  We ensure that the Working Scientifically skills are built-on and developed throughout each year group so that they can use equipment, conduct experiments, build arguments and explain concepts confidently and continue to ask questions and be curious about their surroundings.

We strongly believe that science should help spark imagination, fuel curiosity and nurture inspired and confident young scientists.

We know that children construct understanding of the world through experience. In order to make learning real children need to explore, ask questions, and assess their understanding. 

Our curriculum is based on a robust teaching and learning cycle that puts children and hands-on active learning at its heart and ensures progress for all. Children engage in practical enquiry- based learning and use scientific vocabulary and knowledge with confidence, so that they can explain what is occurring, make predictions and analyse causes. 

As children progress through the school, they develop their science skills in the areas of:

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals, including humans
  • States of matter
  • Sound
  • Electricity
  • Properties and changes of materials
  • Earth and Space
  • Forces
  • Light
  • Evolution and inheritance
  • Plants
  • Everyday Materials
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Rocks
  • Forces & Magnets