Science in Year 2- Materials

By 14/10/2022Science, Year 2

This half term, Year 2 have been learning about different materials and their properties.

First, we tried to group different objects by the material that they are made out of.

Next, we explored the properties of different materials (e.g metals, fabrics, wood, glass, plastics.) We asked and answered questions about the different materials such as: “Is the material hard or soft?”, “Is it flexible or rigid?”, “Is it shiny or dull?” “Is it transparent or opaque?” Does it make a ringing sound when tapped?”

After this, we drew some generalised conclusions about the properties of the materials. In our conclusions, we had to use the word “usually” in most of our answers, as there were always exceptions to the rule! For example, while most metals were hard, the aluminium foil ripped very easily.

Next, we tried to answer the question “What material is suitable for a raincoat?” We decided that the material would need to be strong, flexible and impermeable so no water would soak through. We tested a range of materials to see whether they were permeable or impermeable, strong or weak, flexible or rigid. After experimenting with the materials, we decided that the pvc table cloth would be the most suitable because it fit all our specified criteria.

We still have some more learning/experiment to do about different materials and their properties but I think Year 2 have made an excellent start to this science topic!