Sunflowers for Ukraine

With Spring fast approaching, it’s time to brighten your garden with some beautiful sunflowers. House Jericho are selling packets of sunflower seeds and biodegradable pots of sunflower seedlings to help raise money for Save the Children to support Ukrainian families. The Ukrainian national flower is the sunflower so planting these is a symbol of St.Alban’s solidarity with Ukraine.  

Sunflower seed packets are £2 each and biodegradable pots of seedlings are £2.50. All money will be going straight to the charity. To order, simply return your order form to your Jericho class ambassador with any payment (or class teacher in FS and KS1.) Orders can either be paid for with cash in an envelope with your name and year group on or online through School money. The deadline for returning complete forms is Friday 25th March.