The Pycroft Prize for Bible Literacy

What is the Lodge Bible?
The Lodge Bible was a St Alban’s tradition from 1966 to 1999. The Bible was presented to a child in year 6 for outstanding progress in Religious Knowledge on leaving our school.

The names of the children who received the Lodge Bible are proudly displayed next to the school hall. Can you spot a member of our school staff who was awarded the Bible as a child?

Why relaunch the Lodge Bible?
House Jordan lead Worship in school and part of their role is to interview pupils and listen to their views. During interviews many pupils mentioned that they would like to relaunch the Lodge Bible, as they felt that it was an important part of our school heritage.

The former Lodge Bible will be called ‘The Pycroft Church Prize for Bible Literacy, (for short The Pycroft Bible). This is in memory of Alan Pycroft and his positive contribution to our school as Chair of Governors.  

Who has been awarded the Pycroft Bible? 

2017- Louis Thompson

2018- Amelia Simpson

2019- Oliver Milnes

2020- Ben Keightley 

2021- Nathan Richardson 

2022- Lexi Scaife 

2023 – Lottie Coley