TPT – Kids Spring Bank Activity Pack

Good afternoon

Half term is just a week away, so we’ve uploaded our latest Kids Half term activity pack on to our website that is available free for parents and carers to download.

Once again, the pack contains lots of fun activities for the holidays that include making a raft out of twigs, making butterfly cakes, learning about Spring flowers and honey bees, and helping us at TPT HQ to celebrate the Trail’s 35th Birthday with some fun activities.

The pack is aimed at primary school children with help as necessary from their parents or carers, and older children may enjoy some of the activities too.

The activity pack can be used ‘on the go’ by downloading it to a mobile or can be printed at home. We’re also happy to send out printed copies to people who don’t have a printer or are unable to access the PDF.  All they need to do is email us their address and we post it out to them.

Download it from our Children’s page at:

We hope your children enjoy the activities.  We’d love to receive your feedback about the pack and suggestions for activities to include in our next pack that we’ll be producing for the Summer holidays, just email us at

Kind Regards

TPT Team