Y2 D.T- Mechanisms

This half-term in Design and Technology, Year 2 have designed,  made and evaluated a Christmas card for their parents using either a slider or a lever.


First, we investigated existing products that have sliders and levers. Next, we created a product specification detailing what our Christmas needed to be successful.

We decided that our Christmas cards needed to:

  • have a mechanism
  • be bright and coloured neatly
  • be Christmas themed.

Then, we did a practical task where we had a go at making our own sliders and levers. After looking at lots of other Christmas cards/images, we designed our own products using either a slider or a lever. We then made our Christmas cards being careful to colour very neatly! Finally, we evaluated our products discussing what we like/dislike and what we would change if we had the chance to do the task again. Well done Year 2!