Y2 History- Remembrance day

By 11/11/2022History, Year 2

For the last few weeks, Y2 have been learning about what happens on remembrance day and why we still commemorate it today. People wear poppies, as these were the on of the only flowers growing in Flander’s field after the war ended. We think it is important to wear poppies to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the World War 1 and 2. Wearing poppies is a good way to raise money for veterans and show respect.

We have been thinking a little bit about what life was like in the Great War for both the soldiers and their families back home. We found out about the trenches and the harsh living conditions there. It made us feel very lucky to be able to go to our nice, warm homes and sleep in a comfy bed!

To conclude our learning about Remembrance day, we walked to the the Wickerlsey cenotaph where we had a minute silence to think about the men of Wickersley who fought in the war. Each child was given a card with a solder’s name and some information about that soldier. (birthplace, family, job, age of death and where they are buried.) The children then had to find their soldier on the cenotaph. It was interesting to see that some of the soldier’s lived very close to some of the children in the class and a few were even buried in St.Alban’s churchyard.