Half Term Optional Maths Activities


Flashback Maths Fractions Questions White Rose

Flashback Maths Fractions Answers White Rose

Length and Perimeter

Flashback Maths Length and Perimeter Questions White Rose

Flashback Maths Length and Perimeter Answers White Rose

Multiplication and Division

Flashback Maths Multiplication and Division Questions

Flashback Maths Multiplication and Division Answers


Week Commencing 18.5.20 – Week 5

Daily Maths Activities from White Rose

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Maths Resources

Monday – Adding in columns – My Maths

Tuesday – Subtracting in columns – My Maths

Wednesday – Introducing column addition – My Maths Optional Extension: Expanded Column Method 3 Digit + 3 Digit Activity Sheet

Thursday – Introducing column subtraction My Maths Extension: Addition-and-Subtraction-Word-Problems

Friday – Maths Multiplication Mosaics

Y3 Maths Flashback Questions White Rose

Y3 Maths Flashback Answers White Rose

English Resources

Monday – Spider Diagram – Install a bike shed at school

Tuesday – Plan a persuasive letter Tuesday

Wednesday – Write up your persuasive letter.

Persuasive Letter Example

Thursday – Reading – Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Friday – SPaG – Mat 5

Wider Curriculum


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Create a Fact File – Amazon River


Bottle Sprinkler


Matching Hindu Symbols – Page 1


Joe Wicks Daily Workout

Go Noodle

Home Learning Materials:


Number and Place Value Workbook


SPaG Mat 1
SPaG Mat 2
SPaG Mat 3
SPaG Mat 4

Year 3 writing booklets

Fiction Reading Revision Mat
Non Fiction Reading Revision Mat
Poetry Reading Revision Mat