Y3 Shadow puppet show

By 25/03/2022Drama, Science

Year 3’s science topic this term has been “Light and Dark.”

As part of this topic, we have been investigating how shadows are formed, with the end goal of creating our own shadow puppet performance. We discovered that shadows are formed when light from a source is blocked by an object. Opaque objects created the “best” (darkest and most defined) shadows and so we decided to use black card to make the puppets. We also investigated how the distance between the light source and the object effected the size of the shadow.

Today marked the culmination of all our hard work/experiments, as Year 3 worked in groups to practice and perform their own shadow puppet shows. We had lots of fun watching each others shows while learning about shadows. Not only were we scientists when considering how to make a good shadow but also, we were fantastic actors/actresses when performing! Children used character voices brilliantly and made the story come to life!