Y3- Water transportation experiment

By 10/06/2022Science, Year 3

In science, we have been learning about the water transportation process in plants. When it rains/someone waters a plant, the roots absorb the water. This is then sucked up through the stem and transported to the leaves where it finally evaporates.

Y3 decided to test this process with an experiment! We added food colouring to some water before adding white roses. In theory, the coloured water should be transported to the flower, altering the  colour of the petals.

This is my third time attempting this experiment with a class but it is the first time that it has actually worked!

For 4 out of the 6 roses (the ones that worked), we used food colouring gel while for two of the roses we used food colouring liquid. The gel food colouring is more concentrated (and more expensive!) and so it is more effective. We discussed how this was not a fair test, as different groups used different types of food colouring.