Y4 Poetry

By 10/12/2017Year 4

Nobody Knows

By Ruby FD

Nobody knows what Jojo knows. Nobody knows but she.

So Jojo took me for a stroll and showed her world to me.


I met her by the dark green gate.

Then I followed her to a forest where we ate.


She told me roots of trees are where little pixies go to keep out of sight.

Jojo knows birds flying past scare the butterflies in the morning light.


We came across the willow dome.

Jojo knows that’s the unicorn’s home.


We climbed a bumpy tree. The wind soared past as it turned into night.

There we saw creatures swoop down on leaves with delight.


She told me sprites brush their hair with a magic comb.

Then a unicorn appeared to take us home.


I got back at midnight. I walked up to the buildings entrance door.

But when I turned to say thank you and goodbye, Jojo was no more.


Nobody knows what Jojo knows. Nobody knows it’s true.

So let me take you for a stroll and I’ll show her world to you.


Nobody knows