Y4 Sentences

By 09/03/2022English

This week in Year 4 we have been learning how to create expanded noun phrases, turn them into sentences and then extend them with a subordinating conjunction. Here is a selection of the some of the finished sentences: 

The gold, sparkling lanterns swung on the ceiling as the sound of peaceful footsteps entered the room with laughter fading away in the distance – Annie.

The unique, intricate lanterns on the celling, made people stare because it stood out and shone a warm light that wrapped around the audience like a blanket – Ava.

The gloomy stage sat on the glowing grass and shone brightly as the red curtains swung in the breeze – Susie.
The enormous stage in the tent was lit up as the music intensified – Harry.

The gloomy stage was deserted until something happened while an anxious crowd sat on the edge of their seats before a creepy musician stumbled out – Noah.

The sparkly tinsel on the stage mysteriously moved because it was part of the show – Freya.

The glistening lantern in the tent shone warmth on me as I entered the magnificent tent – Bea.

Nine fiery lanterns on the tent ceiling hung above me while tendrils swished softly in the breeze – Mia.

The green grass in the shade glistened in the moonlight as it started to rain – Alex.

The sparkling stars at the back hung on the wall as the breeze was swinging them around the wall. – Adam.

Nine warm lanterns on the celling filled the tent with a soft glow until it was time for the show to start – Ellise.

As the silky red velvet curtains dangled and swung from the delicate tent top until the magical props on the stage were ready – Abi.

The eerie shadow moved side to side as the gusts entered the tent – Lara.