Q1) Bilbo is a Hobbit

Q2) Bilbo Baggins lives in a hole in the ground or  Bag End (which is the street he lives on) or Hobbiton (which is the town he lives in)  or The Shire (which is the country he lives in.


  • They live in hobbit holes, they are little people, they are half our height (where they get the nickname ‘halfling’), smaller than the bearded dwarf, little or no magic about them, they disappear when big folk are about, they are fat in the stomach, they dress in bright colours, they wear no shoes, their feet grow natural leathery soles, their feet grow thick warm brown hair, they have curly hair, they have long clever brown fingers, they have good natured faces, they laugh deep fruity laughs, they eat lots of food

Q4)  Gandalf’s reputation is someone who likes adventures or someone who makes excellent fireworks ortrouble maker

Q5) Gandalf is a wizard

Q1) Dwalin is the fist dwarf to arrive

Q2) 13 Dwarves in total arrive at Bilbo’s House

Q3) He has a special cloak or he does not need to tidy up or he can direct the smoke from his pipe or he is their leader.

Q4) Balin & Dwalin or  Fili & Kili or Bofur & Bomber or Oin & Gloin or Dori & Nori & Ori

Q5) Gandalf put a special mark on Bilbo’s Door

  1. Burglar
  2. Thrain
  3. Thror
  4. A Mountain or their home  or The Lonely Mountai
  5. It is their home or it is full of gold
  6. A dragon (called Smaug)
  7. Dale

TASK 3 = 

  1. Bilbo was relived that it wasn’t happening and almost put it out of is mind before he bumped into Gandalf.
  2. Cash on delivery, up to and not exceeding one fourteenth of total profits, (if any); all travelling expenses guaranteed in any event; funeral expenses to be defrayed by us or our representatives, if occasion arises and the matter is not otherwise arranged for.
  3. He does not have a beard.
  4. No inns, roads grew worse, pouring rain, soaking wet, tired ponies, everyone is grumpy, windy, Gandalf went missing, couldn’t find a good place to camp, couldn’t make a fire, a pony ran away, Fili & Kili were nearly drowned, lost lots of food.
  5. Bilbo because he is the burglar. 


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