Finished Stories

Story 1:

When he entered the air, he slowly watched as the ground faded away. He felt a rush of adrenaline and fear. He had lost too much since he died, he couldn’t focus on the bad anymore. He had to focus on the good so he decided to set his bad emotions free.
All of a sudden, he entered a storm he knew he was getting close. He  saw a bright light far ahead. Even though he set his bad emotions free, that wasn’t enough, it was nothing compared to the pain he had felt in the past, the darkness in his life, the sadness and the loneliness. Rob missed his family he thought because of how depressing his old life was it would be easy to move on but he was wrong. The thought of never seeing his family again made him heavy hearted. They were the only people left in his life; everyone else he ever loved had died.
He decided to look on the bright side for once though because even though everyone he ever loved was dead and the only two people left in his life had been taken away from him because now he had also died he managed to find a bright side he would be able to see the loved ones he had lost again. Anyway, when he had finished dwelling on how dark and depressing his life was he realised that he had reached the green light…
BOOM! He went through the light. Everything was so much brighter and so much more cheerful there. people were dancing around singing. There were flowers in every corner: roses, tulips, dahlias, orange blossoms you name it they have it. It was  the most beautiful place ever. Rob was for the first time ever in his life happy and peaceful. There was still something missing though his family. Then he remembered they had all died as well except for his Mum and Dad of course but still most of his family was dead and they were all reasonably good people so that meant they would be in heaven somewhere too. So Rob decided to set out on a mission he was going to pull himself together and find his family. It was time for a fresh start. Rob began asking around if anyone had seen them. He was giving descriptions of what they looked like and asking the same questions over and over again and everytime the answer was always the same. NO! Rob didn’t lose hope he knew he  had to be getting closer.
When he was about to lose hope he asked one more person he gave them the same descriptions as everyone else it was pretty much the same conversation he had the last 67 times but only this time there was a slight difference because this time the answer was YES! The stranger then said look behind you. So Rob turned his head and before him stood his family. He ran up to them and gave all 9 of them a giant hug he was overwhelmed with glee.
They lived happily in heaven after.

Story 2

Tronco’s adventure

Tronco had just been called down for tea. “COMING MUM!!” shouted Tronco from upstairs.

“Why are you screaming so loud? I’m only 6 ft away from you,” said Crampi, (who was Tronco’s mother) speaking ever so softly. Tronco was working on one of his latest inventions, the aboomalakaka-nator. (You will find out what this does later on in the story.)He arrived a few seconds later, as he had been mischievous and decided to slide down the banister. Charles, the only person in the family with a normal name, was very surprised to see that Tronco had approached the dining room so very quickly. “Tronco… you haven’t  been sliding down the banisters again have you?” said Charles, squinting his eyes while looking at Tronco. Tronco shook his head. “Oh, well I guess that’s alright then. I mean, you even SAID you would never do it again last time ,so, I’m going to go ahead and believe you,” said his father, trying to get him to own up. And it worked. “Oh Dad, I DID slide down the banister. I had to own up or else I would have felt guilty for the rest of the day.” Tronco was practically on the floor begging his father for forgiveness. “Alright, fine. I’ll let you off the hook this once,” said Charles, sighing loudly. “Thank you. I promise I will never, EVER do it again,” said Tronco, and he actually sounded like he meant it this time. “Yes, I should hope so,” said Charles. Crampi was wondering what all the chit-chat was about. “Tronco, go call your sister down for dinner please,” said Crampi, who was trying to feed little, baby Blunky. Blunky was Tronco’s little brother. He’d been born for 4 months now. Tronco’s friends  thought he was so cute, but at home, he was a petite menace. “SHAKIRA, COME DOWN FOR DINNER! NOW!” yelled Tronco. (This time he was allowed to scream as his sister’s room was in the attic, 3 storeys above where he was stood). His sister shouted, “COMING!” All the family, except Blunky, were sat at the dining table eating their tea, which was sweet potato pie. Shakira did not mind what she had for tea. As for Tronco, he was very picky and didn’t like any vegetables. He tried to make an excuse to go to his room to add a few finishing touches to his invention, the aboomalakaka-nator. The first time he tried, his parents were not convinced. But the second time he tried, it went perfectly. Here’s how it went. “Hey Mum, doesn’t Shakira need to start doing her college applications soon?” said Tronco. “Oh yeah Shakira, you thought I forgot all about that, didn’t you,” said Crampi. She had. “I feel that this is a mum, dad and daughter thing, so… I’m going to go now,” said Tronco, adding a cheeky smile on that, luckily for him, no one else saw. Tronco went up to his room and stared at his invention, the aboomalakaka-nator. To him it was a beast. He was feeling adventurous. He felt like taking his aboomalakaka-nator for a little stroll. The aboomalakaka-nator was a vehicle that could fly. It was an airship, but Tronco wanted to think of a cool name to call it instead. His parents only allowed him to go on it after he had done his homework. He hadn’t done his. But he went anyway. Tronco had just set off and was about to do something to the engine, as it was, for some reason, blowing a lot of greenish looking gas. He went closer and saw something that looked almost exactly like a foot. A baby’s foot. BLUNKY! “My goodness, Blunky, what on earth are you doing in my airshi… aboomalakaka-nator?” yelled Tronco.

Oh no, where even am I? thought Tronco. It looks like… no this can’t be happening. I think I’m in a completely different galaxy!

Well. There was nothing he could do now. Him and Blunky were completely lost in a different galaxy. Luckily, Tronco had a telescope in the trunk of his invention that he used to try and find the planet that he lived on. He was worrying. A lot. I should have just gone straight to bed. Why did I ever think of going out, especially at this time of night, thought Tronco. He started to have horrible flashbacks of his family and how he may never see them again. Well, except Blunky. He was in the back of the vehicle and was trying to get some sleep. Tronco was using his telescope and saw something in the distance. He couldn’t make out exactly what it was. It definitely wasn’t his planet. But it looked like it was a green flickering light and the closer the aboomalakaka-nator got to it, the bigger it got. And it got bigger and bigger and bigger…

As the vehicle grew closer to the light, Tronco made out that it was a real, magical portal. Tronco knew nothing about portals. Then he whispered to Blunky and said, “Oh Blunky, do YOU know anything about portals?” As he said that, Blunky’s dummy started to drift away. And so did his baby bib. What in the world was happening? But then, Blunky started laughing. A lot. “Hey, what are you laughing at?” said Tronco with a serious look on his face. Then, Tronco shivered. Why is it so cold, thought Tronco. He was going to the wheel to turn up the heaters when he looked at himself in his mirrors. He screamed. Loudly. He had no clothes on (except his underwear, of course). Tronco soon noticed that it was the portal. It was sucking everything in. They’d be next. “Blunky, if I AM right about this, then we’re in severe DANGER!!!”

But…it was too late. Tronco was gripping on for life, WHILE holding Blunky by the foot. The portal was just too strong. They had been sucked in.

2 years later…

Tronco and Blunky were never seen again. Everyone said that they had been involved in some sort of accident and that the police had proof. But only me and you know the REAL story of the disappearance of Tronco and little baby Blunky…

Theme Park Brochure Work


Bilbo Baggins Character Description

Description 1 = Bilbo Baggins does NOT like going on adventures. But he does like staying in his lovely home, where there are absolutely no dangers at all. He also likes trying to make giant pipe smoke holes that fly into the sky. One day, Bilbo was expecting someone. A visitor.( Bilbo was used to having visitors and didn’t mind people being in his home). And he heard a knock at the door. But when he opened it, there was a very unexpected creature stood there. Bilbo was very confused. He had only invited Gandalf round for tea. Soon after, Bilbo figured that it was a dwarf. But what is he doing at MY house, thought Bilbo. Bilbo felt angry as more and more dwarves arrived. He began to feel EXTREMELY cross when one of the dwarves started to bang a stick on Bilbo’s lovely yellow door! Bilbo needed to speak to Gandalf about what was happening.

Description 2 = Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit they are small and have hairy feat with natural soils. Bilbo likes things his own way and likes most of the time to be alone in his hobbit hole. He gets mad very easily and is friends with Gandalf. He is all so very sarcastic . When he is very angry he is very unkind towards people who ask him to do things he would prefer not to do. His house is made by his father. He does not like to explore though he has it in him somewhere. Very good friend with Gandalf he is also very mardy. He felt very angry at Gandalf for not telling him that many people were going to come as well. He likes to smoke tobacco and dislikes adventures

Description 3 = Bilbo is a reasonably social person because he likes visitors, but he is also a little bit boring because he doesn’t like adventures and would rather stay at home smoking and making circles out of smoke. I think he is in his 50s and I think he has greying hair and brown eyes. When the dwarves start to turn up I think he feels a bit surprised, as they were unexpected. He may be a bit suspicious of why they have turned up.

Hobbit Questions:

  • Who is your favourite character so far?
  • My favourite character so far is Thorin Oakenshield.
  •  Why do you like them?
  • I like Thorin Oakenshield because he is the most important dwarf and he can make his smoke rings go absolutely anywhere which i think is extraordinary.
  • Is it because you have something in common to them or is it that they are very different to you?
  • It is because they are very different to me. Thorin is very important but I am just an ordinary girl (most of the time anyways).
  • Who is your least favourite character so far?
  • My least favourite character so far is Gandalf.
  • Why is that?
  • It is because he made poor Bilbo very confused as dwarves started showing at his house.
  • Is it something they have said or the way that they have acted?
  • Yes. Gandalf didn’t give Bilbo any notice that he was going to be bringing 13 friends with him.
  • Do you think your opinion might change on them as the story progresses?
  • I think i might if he does something to prove that he is sorry for not telling him or giving him any notice.