Read through the following slides (click to enlarge). You have the rest of the week to complete your Theme Park Plan/Map and budget. Not everyone will be able to print or have squared paper. Do your best with what you have. I want you to have some fun with this.

Download the map here First Draft Map Activity Sheet

Download the budget planner here Building a Budget Activity Sheet


  1. You are designing a theme park.
  2. You need to come up with a name for your theme park
  3. You need to have at least 3 themed areas (e.g. space, wild west, fairy tale, extreme etc.)
  4. You need to create a plan for your park using the template where each square represents 50m2. Click here –> Map Template
  5. For example, if you want to add a water ride to your park, you must build it in blocks of 3. It will cost £100,000 for the 3 blocks. You would colour it blue on the map template. You would need paths to reach it. There needs to be a border of one square so you can’t have rides right next to each other. 
  6. The first page of the draft template tells you how much everything costs and how many squares they take and any other requirements.
  7. You can’t just spend as much as you like. You were given a budget of £5 million. You must keep £1 million back for start-up and launch costs. Which means you have £ 4 million to spend on designing the park.
  8. You need to fill in a budget tracking sheet to make sure you don’t spend too much –>Budget Tracker






You can download the running cost sheet here Running Costs Activity Sheet





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