A discussion text is a non-fiction text that shows both sides (reasons for and reasons against) to an argument or a question. The text could be “Should children wear school uniform” or “Should people be allowed to vote at the age of 16).

Here are 3 WAGOLLs. For each one I would like you to write a list of reasons for the argument and reasons against.

WAGOLL 1:Should Homework be Banned

WAGOLL 2:School uniform

WAGOLL 3:Dogs on Leads

Today I want you to re-read yesterday’s WAGOLLs and the one I am adding today. I want you to create a checklist for a discussion text. Here are some questions to guide you?

  1. What tense is it written in?
  2. What person is it written in?
  3. What make a discussion text different to other texts such as instructions and persuasion?
  4. Is it formal or informal?
  5. What types of words does it use? 
  6. How is is structured? 
  7. What does each paragraph do?

New WAGOLL: Zoos

This is the checklist created from yesterday’s work:

  • Present Tense
  • Third Person
  • Reasons for
  • Reasons against
  • Additional  evidence
  • Formal language
  • Determiners (many, some, a few, several, most)
  • Argument language (critics, supporters, those opposed, the main reason, on the other hand, furthermore)

Can you use this checklist and find examples within the four WAGOLLs 

Today I want us to think about what our discussion text could be about. I really want you to have ownership over what you write about. I would like you to have a think and make a suggestion. It should be an area that matters to you. There are lots of things happening right now that would make for really good discussion texts. Below are some suggested areas but you can right about anything you wish (as long as there can be two sides to the argument).

  • The current lockdown (keeping safe vs opening businesses)
  • Schools in September & Covid-19
  • Crowds returning to sport
  • Whether statues with links to slavery or racism should be kept or not. 
  • Schools in general (homework, uniform, mobile phones etc.)
  • Should the voting age be reduced from 18 to 16
  • Zoos, animal testing, animals killed for ancient medicines

Before you choose. Come up with 3 main points for and against. 

Now that you have chosen your discussion text, I would like you to research it and come up with a list of reasons for and reasons against.

Try to have at least 5 reasons for and 5 reasons against. If you can’t, the most important thing is you have lots of evidence for and against. the reason for this is it will give you lots to write about when the time comes.