Year 2 Geography Fieldwork- “How do Children at St.Alban’s travel to school?”

By 24/11/2023Geography, Year 2

Fieldwork is where you go outside the classroom to find things out for yourself. Year 2 have been doing lots of fieldwork this month linked to our enquiry question- “How do children at St.Alban’s travel to school?”

To answer this question, we conducted a transport survey where we went to the other classes in school and asked the children how they came to school that day. Children recorded their findings using a tally.

When back in class, we combined our results for the 6 classes into one table showing how many children at St.Alban’s come to school in a car and how many children either walked, cycled, scootered or caught a bus to school. 110 children came to school in a car but only 70 children walked, cycled, scootered or caught a bus to school. The children presented these results in a pictogram using a key where each symbol represented 10 children.

We discussed the negative impact that cars have on the environment. Year 2 think that, as a school, we could improve our environmental impact by walking if possible! They shared this conclusion with the whole-school during our fieldwork assembly.

Children have also been working hard on DigiMaps. Y2 created a digital map measuring the distance between their house and school. We discussed that the distance they walk/drive may be further as they cannot travel in a straight line through houses and other obstacles. Well done Year 2!