Year 3 D.T Textiles

As part of our D.T textiles project, Year 3 have been very busy designing and creating their own purses/wallets.

First, we looked at existing products, discussing what makes an effective purse. We compared the different fastenings/materials used and also considered the ways in which the purses appealed to the target market.

Next, we experimented with a range  of different materials to see which would be the most suitable to make a purse out of. We tested the materials strength and flexibility and also checked whether they were waterproof or not.

Children then designed  their own products for their intended users. To do this, they needed to think carefully about what fastening/material they wanted to use. Furthermore, pupils tried to make their product designs appealing to their target market by planning to use applique, embroidery or fabric pens.

Afterwards, Year 3 had chance to practise using a range of different stitches including blanket stitch, running stitch and back stitch. This helped students to decide which stitches they would use when creating their products.

Then came the making! Children made paper templates for their purses before cutting their material. They used their own choice of stitches to join the material. To make their products appealing, pupils used a range of different techniques including applique, pens and even embroidery.

Finally, we evaluated our products as a class, considering whether they were appropriate for the intended user. Children discussed anything they would change if they had the opportunity to do the project again.

I have been absolutely blown away by the end results of our textiles project. Everyone has done absolutely amazing! Here are a few examples…