Year 3 Local History Week

By 25/05/2022History, Year 3

To conclude our local history topic of “Schools in Wickersley”, Year 3 have been considering how St.Alban’s itself has changed since opening in 1965. As this was a change within living memory, children were able to interview our lovely teaching assistant Mrs Canadine who actually attended the school as a child in the 1960’s. They asked many questions like: “What were the school dinners like?”, “Were the teachers strict?” and “How was St.Alban’s different to what it is like now?”

We then had a look at the original plans for the school building and made comparisons to the building today. We went on a walk around the school noting down similarities and differences.

On our walk around school, we noticed the Lodge Bible winners poster. The lodge bible is a St.Alban’s tradition which has ran since 1966, whereby one Year 6 child per year is awarded a bible for their outstanding progress in Religious Education. The 1973 winner is actually a current member of staff- Mrs Brotherton! The tradition was stopped for a few years however, on becoming headteacher, Mrs Gurner reintroduced the Lodge Bible award. Ben and Jack were very happy to spot the names of their older siblings, who were previous winners.