Year 4 Dental Hygiene Experiment continued

Today, year 4 gathered results for the dental hygiene experiment that they started on Monday. We carefully observed the eggs that had been submerged in the different liquids and made notes about what they looked like, smelt like and felt like. We were shocked by how damaged the egg which had been in the black currant was, as the egg had turned white and was extremely flaky. The most surprising part however was when we observed the egg which had been left in vinegar. The egg shell had completely disappeared and the actual egg had expanded. It felt soft and spongy and you could even bounce it a little on the table like a bouncy ball! At the end of the lesson, we went outside to see if the egg would bounce when dropped on the concrete. The egg did in fact pop but it was still interesting to see, as the outside layer of the egg looked and felt like a deflated balloon!