Year 4 Local History Walk

By 19/05/2022History


Our walk focused around the quarrying heritage of Wickersley:

1 – We found the old grindstones at the roundabout.

2 – We discussed how The Masons Arms was named after the job of a Stone Mason

3 – We walked down Morthen Road looking at house built out of Sandstone 

4 – We found several grindstones on houses and gates.

5 – We found the old toll booth on Bawtry road and discussed how some believe there was once a river taking stone to Bawtry which was a river port town

6 – We spotted lots of different houses and walls that are made of sandstone and some that are not. 

7 – We found Quarry Field Lane and the houses that were build for the workers. 

8 – We found Quarry Fields where the old quarries once were.