Our prayer for the end of the day.

Would you like to send in a new prayer? You can write one of your own.

Remember, we are like rockets – we reach for the stars.

 Make sure you keep washing your hands!

What did one plate say to the other plate?

Dinner is on me!



Complete writing your version of the Kipling story.

Once you have written your version, read it aloud to a grown up and think about the illustrations you will need.



Read the Winged Horse and answer the questions.

The Winged Horse

The Winged Horse Questions

If you are not in school, please upload this to Class Dojo today.

The Winged Horse Answers


Ask a grown up to test you on the spellings for this week.  Send in your scores out of 20.

Spelling Test Thursday 9th July


Positive space is the areas of the artwork filled with the content.

Negative space is the space around or in between the characters or objects.

Watch the video of a Notan Art Project.

Have a go at creating your own Notan art work.