Our prayer for the end of the day.

Would you like to send in a new prayer? You can write one of your own.

Remember, we are like rockets – we reach for the stars.

 Make sure you keep washing your hands!


Why is Peter Pan flying all the time?

He Neverlands!




Write about an escape
• Look closely at the Alcatraz diagram.

Alcatraz Diagram

Visit Google Earth to explore this real-life island prison in more detail.

• Imagine you were locked up in Alcatraz and you were innocent! You have to get out. Plan your escape from Alcatraz, using the Escape Planner.

Escape Planner
• Write your plan as a story.

Escape Story



If you are not in school, please upload this to Class Dojo today.





This video is about Viking appearance and dress. Visit the Viking Festival in York to find out about what the Vikings wore and how the Vikings made their clothes.

How do archaeologists and historians use evidence to infer information about the Vikings.

What things have your learned that suggest that the Vikings cared about how they looked? 


In this video we find out about what historians think the Vikings believed in, from the evidence that has been found.

After the video, think about how we know about Viking beliefs. Why do archaeologists think people were buried with certain objects? What other clues have been found? Does this evidence point to a belief in the afterlife? Why/Why not? As the Viking Sagas were written so many generations after the Viking age had ended, how can we know how accurately they tell the story of Viking beliefs?

Complete the Viking Times Worksheet below.

Viking Times