Our prayer for the end of the day.

Would you like to send in a new prayer? You can write one of your own.

Remember, we are like rockets – we reach for the stars.

 Make sure you keep washing your hands!


What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish?



Swimming trunks. 


Imagine you have wings. What would you want to do?

Make a list and include sketches of your ideas.

Now read the poem, ‘Wings’ by Pie Corbett.

Wings by Pie Corbett

Read the questions carefully and highlight the important words.

Wings Questions

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Cracking the Questions Wings


Why don’t you test yourself on the spellings to see which ones you need to work on.  Which ones are you finding tricky?  How can you help yourself remember them?

Complete the sentences using the correct word from each word family.

Choose the Right Word Unit 11

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Lesson 3 – Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

White Rose Maths

Maths Sheets to use while watching the video 1st July


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Other Curriculum Areas



Space refers to the area within and around an object. Space is how an artist creates depth or distance.

Sculptors and architects work with all three dimensions of space – height, width and depth.

Artists who work on a flat surface can make a two-dimensional surface appear three-dimensional.

Space can give the illusion of objects in an artwork being close or far away. This can be created through the size difference, the placement and the value of the subjects.

Positive space is the areas of the artwork filled with the content.

Negative space is the space around or in between the characters or objects.

What do you see?