In year 5 and 6, the children are invited to join Book Busters which is a reading club designed to motivate, engage and excite readers. 

Borrowing Books:

We have four librarians in year 6 and they are available every Wednesday in the library. Every child has a Book Buster Card and can sign out books of their choice every Wednesday. The children return their books when they are finished and can borrow a new book.


The books:

We have spent a lot of money in the last few years on high quality Book Busters Books. There are also books available from the classroom (some which tie into the current class novel – Goodnight Mr Tom)



Book Club:

Every few weeks, I will run a small book club during collective worship where the children will get an opportunity to discuss the book they have been reading. They will discuss what the liked and what they didn’t like. They will also have the opportunity to listen to others and potentially receive recommendations for their next book to read.

Wickersley Library:

This year the children are being invited to become members of Wickersley Library. A library is such an amazing free resource and an opportunity for children to discover books that really engage and excite them. The children need to fill in application form in in order to join.

Reading Challenge

The children are also encouraged to take part in the reading challenge this year. The most important challenge is to read 10 books throughout the year – there will be certificates and prizes for children who accomplish this challenge.

The second challenge is to read 16 books, each set with a particular challenge: