Year 6 Design and Technology

For DT, Year 6 needed to make a product for a client.  Their clients this year were Year 2 children.  The Year 2 children were asked to create a character for their Amygdala (the part of the brain that controls the fight, flight or freeze reactions).  Their designs would be brought to life by the Year 6 children completing a textiles project to turn the designs in to a soft toy.

Throughout the process, the children have had to have client meetings to discuss designs and fabrics etc..  They learned about different types of stitches, seam allowance and different finishings such as embroidery.  With help from their families and friends, the year 6 children spent an afternoon sewing the products.

The Year 2 children have finally received their products and they are over the moon with them.

Here are some examples: