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Going for Gold

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A huge well done to all the children who received their Gold Reading Award. These children have read three times, every week since they started back at school in September.


We are so proud of you all.

Year 2’s Creepy Writing

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Today I was impressed with year 2’s  writing about spiders. The children really tried hard to engage their reader through using splendid vocabulary and adding pop up creatures.


Well done year 2.

Class Teacher

Mrs Teale

Year 2 Teacher

Hello. I’m Mrs Teale and together with teaching assistants Mrs Lake and Mrs Close, I’d like to welcome you to our class and our classroom, which is an exciting, inspiring and happy place to grow and learn.

I’m assistant head and KS1 leader. I also coordinate art, design technology and KS1 literacy.

As well as anything “arty,”I have a passion for books. Especially anything about history, fiction or non- fiction, I don’t mind! My favourite children’s authors are Colin McNaughton  and Roald Dahl. I also like making pop-up books too!

I’m in House Sinai, who at the moment are involved with revamping the library. It’s been fantastic to work with Emma and Harry, our house Leaders, to create a more inviting and exciting space for all our school to enjoy and share books, comics and newspapers.

Year 2 Curriculum Details

Year Group Curriculum

Each year we teach the same key skills in the National Curriculum, but through different themes. No two years are exactly the same and this allows us to respond to the children’s interests and needs. This thematic approach really immerses the children in their learning and the impact of their excitement and enjoyment is very clear in our classroom environment, the children’s work and when they are talking about their learning too.

Here is a taste of this year’s termly themes .

 Term 1 -Our Yorkshire Heritage –( History focus) As part of this topic which includes all aspects of the Curriculum, the children will find out about what life was like for child labourers in the mines, and we will visit the National Coal Mining Museum. You can buy one of our “Pit Poetry” anthologies to read about them and raise money for Sunbeams. Our local history work will include our Church, St Albans , where we will host an open afternoon, and give our friends and relatives a guided tour with the help of our information leaflets.

Term 2 -Space – ( Science focus)We will visit the National Space Centre and learn about space, rockets and astronauts. We’ll create a class encyclopedia and look at Tim Peake’s amazing space mission. Our “survival suitcase” will contain everything we’ll need to survive in space, from a healthy diet to exercise and how to sleep in zero gravity! Our Alien stories will be gift boxed with a toy just like you might choose from the shops, and we’ll be reading them to the FS2 and YR 1 children too.

Term 3 -Amazing plants and animals- (Geography focus) At the tropical butterfly house we’ll find out what a rainforest is like and the plants and animals which live there. We’ll recreate the rainforest in our classroom, complete with live caterpillars which we’ll see grow and turn into butterflies. Our digital microscope will show them as we’ve never seen before! We’ll be also looking after some real carnivorous plants too and making an information film about  them, like we’ve seen David Attenborough do!


Year 2 Curriculum – Term 3





Maths Calculations – one and two step problems, fractions, data, measuring using different units.
Writing Stories in the style of Aesop’s fables. Non-chronological reports about animals.
Reading Authors – Roald Dahl, Dick King Smith, Beatrix Potter. Comparing Authors.
Science Plants and animals. Habitats, with a focus on rainforests.

 Watch caterpillars turn into butterflies and grow plants from seeds.

Visit – Tropical Butterfly House

Computing Construct and read simple branching diagrams. In groups create storyboards to make an ipad film about rainforest animals, or create a powerpoint presentation about a rainforest animal.
Art Study work of artist/illustrator Beatrix Potter, compare their work with hers.

Animal observations in pen , ink and wash.

DT Collect ideas, design, make and evaluate animal soft toys.
History Lives of significant individuals in the past Eg Explorers who discovered tropical fruits ,eg Columbus and the pineapple.
Geography Place knowledge – Compare Wickersley Woods with Amazon Rainforest.
RE Old and New Testament Stories. Prayer area – Woven Together.
PHSE Our community/environment (links with geography and “woven together” prayer area.
Music Timbre, composing. Carnival of the animals –Saint-Saens.
PE Games – Using the playground markings and learning games from the past.(Wednesday)

               –  Rounders. (Monday)


Reading books

Please change these before registration or at the end of the day. Your children may also change them before guided reading sessions.

Please use some of the sample comprehension questions from the bookmark your child was given in September each time you read with them. It is their comprehension ability that determines when they move to the next colour band in reading, even though they may be fluent readers.


RWI spellings are tested on Monday and your child will write any incorrect spellings in their log book (which must be kept in their book bag at all times please). These spellings will be tested again at a later date.

On Wednesday your child’s spellings for this week will be added . Practise these for the following Monday’s test.

On some Fridays I will also give the children a quick test on the common exception words they received last September , so keep practising these throughout the year.


This is given each Friday to be returned by the following Thursday.

Abacus online maths homework is set every Thursday and relates to the maths objectives taught that week.

Why not try these maths websites at home?

Important Year 2 Documents

Abacus maths
Year 2 Common Exception words

Year 2 Maths

Year 2 Calculations

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