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Mrs. Staniforth and Mrs. Mottershaw

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Hi, I am Mrs. Staniforth. I teach Year 5 with Mrs. Mottershaw. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our class.

Y5 Class Charter  

Be Respectful

We are polite, kind and helpful.

We look at the person who is talking.


Be Responsible

We look after ourselves, others and the environment.


Be Ready to Learn

We are on time and have the correct equipment.


We always try our best.

We are courageous.

We believe so we achieve.

We are proud of who we are.

We are Year 5.

Please read the mathematics fluency information on the sheet below to support your child with their learning.

Mathematics learning in Year 5

Parent Welcome - Year 5 - 2023

Our Year 5 Parent’s Welcome video.

Year 5 Curriculum Details

Y5 Curriculum

We make sure that our Year 5 curriculum is flexible enough to follow the interests of the children in our class. We enjoy learning about number, measurement, geometry and statistics and use our skills in other curriculum areas as often as possible.

Throughout the year we have the opportunity to try lots of different games, dance and gymnastics activities in PE and enter football, cross country, rounders and orienteering  competitions. In the Summer Term, we go swimming on Thursday afternoons. Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.

In music we all learn to play the recorder and we enjoy listening to different types of music and making our own.  We also have French with Mrs. Brotherton as well as using espresso coding to develop our computing skills further.

Autumn Term

In the Autumn term we will be learning about Forces in science. In History, we will find out about why the Romans left Britain in AD 410. We will discover who the Anglo Saxons and Vikings were and how they got on with each other. In computing we will learn how to use HTML.

Spring Term

Why is the River Nile so important to the Ancient Egyptians?

Day Visits and Residentials:

In the Autumn Term, Year 5 will visit the Oakes. In the Spring Term, we hope to welcome a Viking Visitor to school. In the Summer Term, Year 5 hope to develop their history skills in using primary sources at Weston Park Museum.


Science Topics

Earth and Space


Life Cycles

Separating Mixtures

Types of Change



Do you know all the Year 3 and Year 4 spellings?

Year 3 & 4 Word List Grid

Knowledge Organiser for the Anglo Saxons.

Anglo-Saxons KO

Knowledge Organiser for the Vikings.

Vikings KO

In the Autumn Term, we will begin by learning about forces. In the Spring Term, we will be learning about properties of materials.

Year 5 Maths

Year 5 Calculation Videos

Our Year 5 Gallery Items - You can see all our pictures in the Gallery section of the site.

Year 5 have Norse Visitors


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Y5 at Sports Day 2022


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Mummification in Year 5


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