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Year 5’s Anglo Saxon Day

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Year 5 had a very special visitor last week! They got to meet an Anglo-Saxon warrior. Throughout the day, the warrior told the children why the Anglo -Saxons first came to Britain during the rule of the Romans, what they dressed like and why the Vikings came over. 

They were able to carry out an Anglo-Saxon King’s burial and found out what they took with them to heaven, learnt how the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings both went into battle and their war chants. 

Year 5 then learnt about the end of the Anglo-Saxon rule over Britain and how it came to an end through the Battle of Stamford Bridge against the Vikings and the Battle of Hastings against the Normans. 

It was a truly enjoyable day, with the children all learning lots of new facts and information about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.


From Mrs Knapp

Happy St Alban’s Day

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Today is St Alban’s Day

Our school sets huge value on the quality of courage so let’s take a moment to think about St Alban’s courageous act.

St Alban is venerated as the first recorded Christian martyr in England. His death came as a result of him shielding a priest to whom he had given refuge. It is in the nature of this story that it concerns one who gave his life for his values and beliefs.
Though a legend the story embodies something of the vulnerability that is required if we are to act in courage. Alban quite literally cloaks himself with the garment of the one he seeks to protect and, in doing so, takes his place.
(St Alban’s story: https://www.stalbanscathedral.org/history/story-of-st-alban)

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Mrs Knapp

Year 5 teacher 

Year 5 Curriculum Details


Autumn Term

Earth and Space 

Key Text: Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce


Spring Term


Key Text: Anglo Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman


Summer Term

Tropical Lands and Extreme Weather

Key Text: Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo


Day Trips and Residentials:

Autumn Term

The Oakes

Spring Term

Anglo Saxon Day in school – ‘The Battle of Hastings’

Summer Term

Doncaster Wildlife Park


Science Topics

Earth and Space


Life Cycles

Separating Mixtures

Types of Change



Year 5 Important Information:

Monday – Spelling test / Very last day for returning homework

Tuesday –

Wednesday –  New spellings given out (please have green RWI Log Book in school) / PE day

Thursday-  Homework returned by today please / PE day

Friday-  New Homework handed out and marked homework returned

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Year 5’s Anglo Saxon Day


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