House Sinai 

Meet Our Team

This years House Leaders are…


Head Boy

Hi I am Cole, one of the leaders of Sinai. I like playing Rugby with my dad.
I was chosen because I am supporting and very ambitious and get involved in my work. I aim to improve the school by letting younger students get involved in activities more often. I also want to get the deputies more involved to improve their leadership.
Come on Sinai, we can win this!


Head Boy


Head Girl

I am Laini and I am really proud to be House Sinai's Head Girl. I was chosen to do this job because I am approachable and very caring. This school means so much to me and I take my responsibility very serious.
I like to play on my XBox and with my cousins.
Come on Sinai!


Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I'm Megan and I love swimming. I am Deputy Head of Sinai and I'm looking forward to helping people out. My hobbies include swimming, computers, cheer leading and rugby. I'm very driven and think this will help me in my role.
I would love to be an inspiration to someone when I'm older and that's why I try my best.


Deputy Head Girl

Truth + Honesty = Sinai

House Sinai are exploring how we can celebrate children’s talents.They are looking for Sinai volunteers so please let them know if you are willing to help. 

The three main improvements that they would like to make are: 

  1. To celebrate children’s individual talents on the school newsletter.
  2. Termly celebration assembly dedicated to out of school talents.
  3. Host an end of year talent contest.

2017-18 Leadership

The Story of Sinai

After escaping from Egypt, the Israelites wandered through the deserts of Sinai for 40 years. During this time they learned more about what God wanted them to do and be, as people and as a nation. At Mount Sinai Moses received the Ten Commandments. This is why we say that Sinai House is about Truth.


Moses encourages God’s people to obey the laws- not because of some empty sense of ‘duty’, but out of gratitude for God’s unlimited love. The commandments can be found in the book of Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21.


Sinai's recent improvements to the school library. The library has had a lick of paint and the Book Busters reading club is in full swing. Come to the library and read one of our book reviews.