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Remember, we are like rockets – we reach for the stars.

 Make sure you keep washing your hands!

What do you call a pig that does karate?

Pork chop

1. Read escape puzzles

Escape Puzzles
• Read Escape Puzzles. Can you work out solutions to any of them? Show them to someone else. Can they work them out?
• Have a proper go at a couple of them.
• Check the Solutions.

Escape Puzzles – Solutions

Which do you think is cleverest?
• Learn your favourite off-by-heart and try it out on other people.

2. Imagine some escapes
• Watch Anthony Horowitz talking about the top five escapes for Alex Rider (the character he writes about).

Top Five Escapes
• Complete Alex Escapes with your ideas.

Alex Escapes
• Read Alex Rider Extract.

Alex Rider Extract

Underline all the challenges that Alex faces as he tries to escape the prison.


Special Focus 12

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Lesson 3 – Converting units of time

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My Maths


In this video, we learn that the Vikings were expert boatmen and sailors, who developed a new way of building boats, which allowed them to travel further than any other peoples before them.

Before watching the video, write down whay you know about the Vikings and their ships.

What is your impression of the Vikings so far?

Look at a map or globe and identify the places that the Vikings travelled to.

Why do you think the Vikings wanted to visit new places?

What properties does a boat need to have to be able to travel both across oceans and along rivers?

After the video, think about the Vikings as sailors.

What is the significance of these for our understanding of Vikings today?

Create a poster or presentation explaining the technological advances the Vikings made in terms of ship-building. 

You could make your own Viking Longboat.

Making a Viking Longboat