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Y4 Castleton Residential

By Geography, History, Year 4


Here are the photos from our amazing residential to Castleton.


e-safety: Roblox

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This week’s e-safety guidance is on the popular Roblox software. the guidance discuess the studio, chatting and friend requests as well as online payments and how to keep your child safe.

Y4 Reading Awards

By Reading

Congratulations to Rachel for her Gold Award in Reading.

Congratulations to Josh, Annie, Lara & Theo for their Silver Award in Reading

e-safety: Online Appearance

By Computing

Today’s e-safety is all about the social pressures linked to appearance when online and how it can link to mental health. It talks about ways apps can change appearance and ways in which you can engage with your child. 



Year 4 Local History Walk

By History


Our walk focused around the quarrying heritage of Wickersley:

1 – We found the old grindstones at the roundabout.

2 – We discussed how The Masons Arms was named after the job of a Stone Mason

3 – We walked down Morthen Road looking at house built out of Sandstone 

4 – We found several grindstones on houses and gates.

5 – We found the old toll booth on Bawtry road and discussed how some believe there was once a river taking stone to Bawtry which was a river port town

6 – We spotted lots of different houses and walls that are made of sandstone and some that are not. 

7 – We found Quarry Field Lane and the houses that were build for the workers. 

8 – We found Quarry Fields where the old quarries once were. 


Y4 Conscience Alley Drama Activity

By English

Today the Y4s acted out a conscience alley to better understand a character within our book and the choice he had to make. 

One line of the alley was in favour of the character doing the action whilst the other line was against it. They gave their reasons to the person walking through the middle to try and persuade them. 


KS1 & KS2 Reading Diary Competition

By English, Reading

We are proud to announce the winners of the KS1 and KS2 Reading Diary Competition that has been held in school. These drawings will be on the front cover of the updated reading diaries for September 2022.