Handwriting Morning

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Thank you to everyone who attended our handwriting morning in EYFS and KS1 today.  It was great to have so many families learning about the way we develop pre-handwriting and handwriting skills at St Alban’s.

Proposed Admission Changes

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Dear Parent/Colleague,


The Diocese of Sheffield Multi Academy Trust is the admissions authority for our school. This means the trust is responsible for setting the admissions arrangements for the schools within its organisation. When changes are proposed to admission arrangements, all admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements that will apply for admission applications the following school year.


A change to the policy is proposed for St Alban’s C of E Primary  School and the proposed new policy can be found at


The trust have resolved to consult on a change to admissions policies, starting with the one determined for use next year to offer places to the September 2025 intake. The change is a move from prioritising church attendance to prioritisation of children living locally, in the parish. We believe this to be pastorally and educationally responsible, prioritising allocating places to children who live in the parish community of the school, as determined by the Church of England on “A Church Near You” []


We see this as in keeping with the spirit of the Church of England’s historic commitment to parish schooling, acknowledging that our schools are not faith schools for the faithful, they are Church schools for the community.


Responses can be sent to the trust at a Please enter “Admissions” in the subject bar.

The consultation will run until 12th January 2024.

We look forward to engaging with schools and communities in this change


Huw Thomas

Chair of DSAT

School Uniform Shop

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We are truly grateful for all of your uniform donations. Every night Mrs Nightingale restocks the clothes line and they are selling fast.

In assembly, we have discussed with the children about how cool it is to reuse and recycle- we hope that the school uniform shop will send out a clear message that they can make a difference to the world we live in.

Thank you,
The St Alban’s Eco Warriors!

Parent Reading Meeting

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to express my gratitude to all the parents who attended our reading parents meeting this afternoon. It was wonderful to see such a strong turnout. During the session, we discussed the essential techniques for effectively listening to children read using RWInc books.

Today, I will share the notes from the meeting on Class Dojo, which include video links to further support your understanding.  If you have any questions or require additional guidance, approach myself, Mrs. Whyman, or your child’s class teacher. We are all highly knowledgeable in the field of reading and are here to assist you.

For those who were unable to attend this meeting, please note that we will be rescheduling it during the Autumn Term. We believe this information is crucial for your involvement in your child’s reading progress, and we want to ensure that every parent has the opportunity to benefit from this session.

Warm regards,

Mrs Gurner

Is it longer or shorter?

By FS1, Maths

In Nursery, we have been learning about measuring. 

First, we practised our counting and showed different ways of showing numbers on our fingers.

We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then searched our classroom to find things that were longer, shorter or the same length as the Giant’s footprint. This spoon is the same length as the Giant’s footprint.

We went outside and made long and short play dough models.

We found out more about the words full and empty by filling buckets.

Newsletter- May 2023

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please find attached a copy of our latest newsletter, which contains important updates and information for the upcoming summer period.

For those who prefer a paper copy, ask Mrs. Shemwell at the school office, and she will be happy to assist you. Additionally, you can access the newsletter on our school website under the “Parent Letters” section, where it will be available for viewing and download.

I’m sure you share our excitement as we approach the final day before the holidays. Wishing you all a peaceful Spring Bank Holiday.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Gurner