Foundation 1 Class Dojo

By FS1

Today, Mrs North has set up Foundation 1 Class Dojo accounts. You should have received a link by email to create an account for your child. Please contact the office if you have not received your link.


For more information about Class Dojo, please click on this link. 

Read Write Inc. Phonics

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To teach our children to read fluently we use Read Write Inc. Phonics. 

From Monday 23rd March, Ruth Miskin Training are streaming live RWI Phonics lessons at home.

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9:30am and again at 12:30pm.

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10:00am and again at 1:00pm

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10:30am and again at 1:30pm.

Note: films are streamed live and won’t be available at other times.

Oxford Owl publish Read Write Inc. and have made a bank of resources free for parents- including many reading scheme books. For more information please visit

Germs Experiment in FS1

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In FS1 we have been looking at the importance of washing our hands.  We used bread to show how germs spread.  Mrs North put on rubber gloves and placed a piece of fresh bread in the plastic wallet.  She then washed her hands with hand sanitizer before touching another piece of bread.  All the class touched a piece of bread and finally Mrs North washed her hands with soap and water.  Below are some photos of what we did and the findings from our experiment.


All the class touched a piece of bread.


Mrs North washed her hands with soap and water before touching some bread.