Science in FS1

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FS1 have been very busy investigating materials this term.

We looked at how bubbles are made and enjoyed making a huge bubble.


Mud painting. Dry mud we couldn’t paint with, so decided to add water. We discovered it became sticky and so was easier to paint with.

The children said it wasn’t like paint it was ‘lumpy’ and ‘sticky’.


We looked at floating and sinking. The children chose an item of a tray, predicted if it would float or sink. They discovered that the heavier items sank and the lighter ones floated. Then they sorted the objects under the heading float, sink. The dinosaur they decided needed to go in the middle when sorting because it floated and sank.




FS1 – Mini Millers Camps for children who are aged 1 – 4

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We have received the below e-mail from Rotherham United Community Sports Trust –

I am pleased to inform you that we have our FREE Mini Millers camps happening during this half term at Wickersley School and Sport College. This is happening on Wednesday 13th April 2022 & Wednesday 20th April 2022, both from 10:15 – 11:45am.

The camp will be fun activities, with inflatables, a chance to meet Miller Bear and much more.

For more information and to book on them for free, please click on this link below:

Thank you

Thank you Aspen Lodges

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Over the Summer Holidays, we have been truly blessed by one of our parents. Mr McCoy and his team of highly skilled builders built a tree house in our Foundation Stage playground.

Our children have loved playing in our new tree house. It changes daily, from the Dragon’s castle to Robin Hood’s Home. School are overwhelmed by the generosity of Mr McCoy and his team. Thank you so much for making our school such a special place.

Foundation Reading Parent Workshop

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Dear parents and carers,

On Wednesday 6th October, we are hosting a foundation reading parent workshop. In this meeting, we will explain how we teach reading at St Alban’s and share a few tips that you can use at home.

The meeting will be at 4:15pm and should last 30 minutes. We’ll post the zoom link on class dojo on the day of the meeting.

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Science in FS1

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In FS1 we collected a selection of objects from the story we had been looking at that week the naughty bus. We wanted to find out which objects would float and which would sink. The children put their thumbs up if they thought the object would float and thumbs down if sink. It was explained that they were making a prediction. The children felt the items and said because it felt heavy it would sink, felt light it would float.



In FS1 we were looking at why things float in the sea. We used an egg and placed it in water it sank to the bottom. We spoke about how the sea has salt in it, so we started adding salt. The children estimated how much salt they thought would be needed to make the egg float. After about 8 table spoons the egg began to float because of the salt. The children learnt that the salt comes from rocks in the sea and it makes the water heavier.


We were looking in FS1 how germs spread and the best way to wash our hands. We used glitter as the germs and spread the glitter by touching hands. Then we found out that hand sanitiser cleans a lot of the germs away, but not all. Soap and water cleaned hands the best.

Thank you J.T. Pickfords

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We would like to say a huge thank you to J.T. Pickfords who have kindly offered to pay the shortfall to build our foundation climbing frame. This means we can set contractors to work very soon.

All money raised from the sponsored walk will go towards improving the FS outdoor area. Mrs Taha is already busy ordering things for the children to enjoy- photos to follow.

We are so proud of the FS children walking 10000 steps. We are truly grateful for the support we receive from our school community. Working together to give our children such a happy school life.

World Book Day – Thursday 4th March

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The Masked Reader

To celebrate World Book Day, we want our children to film themselves reading an extract from their favourite book in disguise. On Monday 8th March, when all of our children return to school- yeah! We will show the recordings in class. Can children guess the person behind the mask? What are they reading? We hope that this activity will be lots of fun for everyone.

Mrs Teale and Mr Frelich (our English Leaders), are delivering collective worship on Monday 1st March. In this assembly, they will tell you all about World Book Day and answer any questions that you may have.

Further details:

-On Thursday 4th March, key worker children can come to school dressed in their disguise and record their masked read with the support of their teaching assistant.

-All masked readings need to be sent to the class teacher through Class Dojo – before Monday 8th March.

-Recordings to be no longer than 30 seconds.

World Book Tokens

Click on this link to open your World Book Token:

• The £1 book token can be exchanged for an exclusive, new £1 books (see the full line-up below) OR for getting £1 off any book or audiobook costing £2.99 or more in participating bookshops and supermarkets.

• The book token is valid from Thursday 18 February – Sunday 28 March 2021. Participating booksellers will honour the tokens beyond the 28 March while stocks last. Please contact your local bookseller to check if they are able to offer £1 off other titles.
• The book token can be printed out and taken to your local bookseller. Booksellers such as Sainsbury’s and Asda are unable to accept the voucher on a phone or tablet screen. For all other booksellers, please check before you visit.
• The book token can ONLY be used in participating bookshops (find your nearest at
• The digital £1 book token cannot be redeemed online.
• The digital £1 book token is intended for SINGLE-USE ONLY

£1 Books:


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School is closed today until 10:30am due to the snow. We have many staff who live some distance away, and are not able to get them safely to school in time for a 8:40am opening.

The weather forecast suggests that conditions will start to improve by mid-morning, so we are very hopeful we will manage to open for 10.30, but will keep you updated if the situation changes.

Lessons on zoom start at 9am as usual, other than for Foundation Stage pupils. FS2 lessons will be starting later today as Mrs Taha is trying to get in to school and lives quite a distance away.

Take care on the roads and thank you for your understanding.


Mrs Adair and Mrs Gurner