Empathy plus Migration in Year 5

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This afternoon, Year 5 had a workshop session with Taiye from the Red Cross.  He explained to us about the role of the British Red Cross.  We talked about the key vocabulary of empathy, migration, refugee and asylum seeker. We learned that empathy is the ability to imagine, understand and share the feelings or perspectives of others. By developing empathy, it can help us increase our awareness and understanding of others, our willingness to support others, and create more inclusive, resilient communities.  

We listened to the account of Hamza’s journey as he was seeking asylum and wrote a feeling story and thought about how we would feel if we were in Hamza’s shoes. We also wrote a letter to someone who was new to our country.

As our final task, we considered if we were to do one thing differently about how we treat others from today, what could we do?

Many of the children had some very thoughtful ideas about what we had been working on and were a credit to St Alban’s as always.

During our end of day prayer, Esme said she had chosen The Ukraine as our place in the world to focus our thoughts because she had chosen a prayer that she believed was fitting.  I hope you agree with Esme’s choice. 

Prayer for the Afraid

Dear God,

Take care of those who live in war zones:

Afraid of noise,

afraid of silence:


Afraid for themselves,

afraid for others:


Afraid to stay,

afraid to go:


Afraid of living,

afraid of dying.


Give them peace in their hearts,

in their homes

and in their land.



Anti-bullying week

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Anti-Bullying Policy

Last week was anti-bullying week. In collective worship, we learnt how to be an anti-bullying school and shared our ‘child-friendly’ anti-bullying policy.

This policy clearly explains exactly what children need to do if they experience bullying. A copy can be found in classrooms and on our school website.

Remember bullying is… Several Times On Purpose (STOP).

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Proposed Admission Changes

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Dear Parent/Colleague,


The Diocese of Sheffield Multi Academy Trust is the admissions authority for our school. This means the trust is responsible for setting the admissions arrangements for the schools within its organisation. When changes are proposed to admission arrangements, all admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements that will apply for admission applications the following school year.


A change to the policy is proposed for St Alban’s C of E Primary  School and the proposed new policy can be found at


The trust have resolved to consult on a change to admissions policies, starting with the one determined for use next year to offer places to the September 2025 intake. The change is a move from prioritising church attendance to prioritisation of children living locally, in the parish. We believe this to be pastorally and educationally responsible, prioritising allocating places to children who live in the parish community of the school, as determined by the Church of England on “A Church Near You” []


We see this as in keeping with the spirit of the Church of England’s historic commitment to parish schooling, acknowledging that our schools are not faith schools for the faithful, they are Church schools for the community.


Responses can be sent to the trust at a Please enter “Admissions” in the subject bar.

The consultation will run until 12th January 2024.

We look forward to engaging with schools and communities in this change


Huw Thomas

Chair of DSAT

RSE in Year 2

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Today Y2  had their first Relationship and Sex Education lesson. This largely focused on considering similarities and differences between girls and boys and challenging gender stereotypes.

Children had to place the objects into the hoop they thought the item was for: boys, girls or everyone. I picked random children to place the items and the first picture shows the children’s initial perception. I then asked if any child disagreed with where any of the objects were placed and to explain their reasoning as to why they disagreed. Isla definitely disagreed with football being for “boys” and argued her case brilliantly. As a class, children debated where they thought the items belonged and the final picture shows what the majority of children agreed upon.

After this, we discussed biological differences between males and females using the correct scientific language. I was really impressed by the children’s maturity, as they were very sensible during the lesson.

PE Kit Vote

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Earlier this year, we introduced a new PE kit protocol, where children came to school wearing their PE kit. While this change received mixed feedback from parents, we value your opinions and want to find a solution that works best for everyone.

To address the issue regarding PE kits, we would like to invite parents to participate in a voting process. Your input will help us determine the preferred approach moving forward. We have outlined two options for you to consider:

Option 1:

Children bring their PE kit in a named bag and leave it at school. It is the responsibility of both the child and parent to ensure the kit is regularly taken home for washing. Teachers will empty the cloakrooms every half term to facilitate this process.

Option 2:

Children come to school wearing their PE kits.

To gather your votes, Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Jepson will be sending out a voting poll within the next two weeks. Your vote truly counts and will play a significant role in shaping our PE kit protocol.

Thank you for your continued support and active involvement in shaping our school policies.

Look out for the poll on Class Dojo!

Attendance – Education Welfare Officer

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Dear parents and carers,

We are pleased to announce that DSAT now have an Education Welfare Officer, Alison Hallewell.

Alison’s main role will be to monitor attendance across all of our schools and support families to develop good attendance. Alison can also support with Early Help referrals.

After half term, she will be organising regular parent drop-ins on a Wednesday afternoon. More information to follow.

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner