Supporting Parents Helpfinder (Young Minds)

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Times are tough for many people right now. Parents find themselves pulled in many different direction and children may be struggling being in the house for so much longer than usual.

Young Minds have created a useful ‘Supporting Parents Helpfinder’. By answering six questions, parents can find out how to support their child’s mental health during the pandemic (and beyond).

Find the help finder here:

When emotions explode (Young Minds)

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Last week in collective worship, we learnt about Children’s Mental Health Week. To support parents at home we will be posting some resources that you may find useful.

Young Minds have created a useful poster highlighting ways to give support to children when they have angry feelings or outbursts and may help families start a conversation and talk about each other’s feelings.

Key Stage Assembly: Children’s Mental Health Week

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At school, we normally have key stage collective worship on a Thursday. During this time we learn about different religious events and explore special days and weeks.

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and for the next two days I’ll post videos that we were planning to look at in school.

This year’s theme is Express Yourself. How do you express yourself? It is important to express yourself or how you are feeling?

Here is a short film showing how some people express themselves through art.

How to Stay Calm in a Global Pandemic

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It seems like the winter lockdown is going on forever and the grey drizzly weather doesn’t help; we hope you are managing to find time to look after yourselves and stay resilient. This morning Rotherham Educational Psychology Team sent school the attached document. It may be helpful in building resilience and it is also suitable for teenagers.


Mrs Cooper (SENDCO), has attached a copy to our Special Educational Needs Resource page. We have a wealth of resources on this page that you may find useful.


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