Y3 Science Experiment- How do different liquids effect our teeth?

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Children in Y3 (both at home and in school) have been investigating the effect that different liquids have on our teeth.  To do this, we used egg shells to represent the teeth and placed these in plastic cups filled with a variety of different liquids. We left the eggs to soak for a week before closely observing and comparing the egg shells! It’s safe to say we will all be thinking twice before drinking sugary drinks and will make sure that we clean our teeth regularly to protect them. Before carrying out our experiment, we considered how we could ensure that it would be a fair test and also made our own predictions about what would happen.

Y3 Science Experiment

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Yesterday afternoon, Y3 were having lots of fun experimenting with different types of rocks. We tested the rocks in several  ways to find out more about their hardness, permeability and density.  Before the experiment, we made predictions about which rocks would float (low density) and which would sink (high density.)


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In the school hall, POPS Adventure run a breakfast club. The club is open from 7:30am each morning and costs £4:00 per session. 


If there is enough interest POPS Adventure are looking at running an after school club at St Alban’s. Please register your interest ASAP by logging onto their booking system.  


Year 2 Rainforest Gallery

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Noah                                                          Ellise                                                     Emily D


Annie                                                                    Mia                                                     Bea


Alayna                                                                  Adam                                             Chenul


Isla                                                                  Freya                                                        Daisy                     

Frankie                                                                 Lara                                                     Ava


Harry                                                                  Chris                                                  Preston


Josh                                                                 Henry                                             Rachel


Millie                                                            Myles                                                  Susie


Year 2 Rainforest Collage Gallery

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The children in Y2 have been working very creatively

at home, and produced some beautiful collages

based around rainforest animals. Below is a little

taster of their amazing art work, but you can see

them all in the art section of our school website.