e-safety: Roblox

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This week’s e-safety guidance is on the popular Roblox software. the guidance discuess the studio, chatting and friend requests as well as online payments and how to keep your child safe.

Queen Elizabeth

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We hope that you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To commemorate this special occasion, children from FS1 to Year 6 have created portraits of our Queen.

We are so proud of the children’s creations and love the way they have captured their own personality in their art work.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back at school tomorrow.


Mrs Gurner

Local History Week in Year 5

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This morning, Year 5 launched our Local History Week with a walk to Wickersley Woods. As historians, we looked for evidence to help us compare the ages of different buildings.


We discussed the name ‘Wickersley’ and how the settlement was given the name VIKARRS-LEY by the Saxon settlers. LEY is a Saxon word meaning a clearing in the woods. Sometime before 870 AD, a clearing was made in the woodland that covered the area and farming began.


Sheffield Children’s Hospital Fundraising & World Book Day

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Earlier this month, staff and students were invited to wear pyjamas to help raise money for a charity close to our hearts: Sheffield Children’s Hospital. This was planned for the 4th of March. World Book Day is the 3rd March.

We have made the decision to combine these two events for Thursday 3rd March (World Book Day). We would still ask for a £1 donation (all proceeds go to the hospital). Children can come in pyjamas with their favourite bedtime story or they can bring their favourite book and come dressed as their favourite character from it.

There will be lots of wonderful books, reading and story related activities happening on that Thursday. If I remember rightly, we were in lockdown for last year’s World Book Day and this year is the 25 year anniversary so let’s make this a special one.

Mr Frelich

Y4 Castleton Trip

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I am very excited to announce the Y4 Residential Trip to Castleton will be on Monday 13th June until Tuesday 14th June. A letter will be sent home with the children today for you to register your interest.

The cost cannot be determined until we know exactly how many people are interested in coming. The more that choose to attend, the cheaper it will be. A very rough estimate is £120 but this may fluctuate up or down.

Parent Letter

UKS2 Sports Day

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Today, Y5 and Y6 had their Sports Day. We all participated in running, jumping and throwing activities and finished with a distance race and a relay. Congratulations to everyone for taking part.

First we began with a parade around the field.

After warming up, we all joined in athletics events including sprints, long distance, relays, throwing and jumping.

Thank you to the helpers and Mrs. Jepson who helped it all run so smoothly.

Congratulations to Jericho.

We all had lots of fun!

Science in FS1

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In FS1 we collected a selection of objects from the story we had been looking at that week the naughty bus. We wanted to find out which objects would float and which would sink. The children put their thumbs up if they thought the object would float and thumbs down if sink. It was explained that they were making a prediction. The children felt the items and said because it felt heavy it would sink, felt light it would float.



In FS1 we were looking at why things float in the sea. We used an egg and placed it in water it sank to the bottom. We spoke about how the sea has salt in it, so we started adding salt. The children estimated how much salt they thought would be needed to make the egg float. After about 8 table spoons the egg began to float because of the salt. The children learnt that the salt comes from rocks in the sea and it makes the water heavier.


We were looking in FS1 how germs spread and the best way to wash our hands. We used glitter as the germs and spread the glitter by touching hands. Then we found out that hand sanitiser cleans a lot of the germs away, but not all. Soap and water cleaned hands the best.