National Numeracy Day – Today, 22nd May! 

By Maths

We are supporting National Numeracy Day on 22nd May! 

At St Albans, Maths is a fundamental part of the school curriculum. A strong foundation in maths is essential for success in many other subjects, including science, geography, and computing. 

Maths also teaches problem-solving skills that are valuable in everyday life. Whether it’s budgeting, making informed decisions about financial choices, or even cooking a meal for your family, mathematical skills are crucial for navigating the complexities of modern life. 

How does maths make you feel? If your child asked you to help them with their maths homework, how confident would you feel about doing it? 

If you would like help and advice on how to develop your own maths skills, please take a look at the National Numeracy Challenge website:  

Or, for more information on National Numeracy Day, please visit 

If you would like to support your child at home with maths, please see the attached Family Maths Activities Scrapbooks – one for each year group. 

We also have two members of staff who are Numeracy Champions! Miss Nightingale and Mrs Bushby.  


Yr 6 FMT Activity Pack 2021.pdf

Yr 5 FMT Activity Pack 2021.pdf

Yr 4 FMT Activity Pack 2021.pdf

Yr 3 FMT Activity Pack 2021.pdf

Yr 2 FMT Activity Pack 2021.pdf

Yr 1 FMT Activity Pack 2021.pdf

Thank you!

Y4 Times Tables Competition

By Maths, Year 4

Following on from my post the other day celebrating the amazing year fours and their 1st place in the DSAT Times Tables Tournament with 10 other schools, here is a picture of them with their certificates. 


DSAT Year 4 Maths Competition

By Maths


Over the last two weeks, the year 4 class have been competing in a maths times tables competition with 11 other schools in DSAT. 651 pupils took part across 32 classes and I am very proud to announce that St. Alban’s Year 4 finished 1st in “Top of the Rocks”. It was a phenomenal effort by the children as they showed their dedication to learning by putting in the hours, in and out of school. 


Is it longer or shorter?

By FS1, Maths

In Nursery, we have been learning about measuring. 

First, we practised our counting and showed different ways of showing numbers on our fingers.

We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then searched our classroom to find things that were longer, shorter or the same length as the Giant’s footprint. This spoon is the same length as the Giant’s footprint.

We went outside and made long and short play dough models.

We found out more about the words full and empty by filling buckets.

Doubling in Reception

By FS2, Maths

Today, Reception Class really enjoyed having fun with doubling.  First, we warmed up by counting forwards and backwards and then subitising. (Subitising means we don’t count we say the amount!)

Then we played a doubling game with dice.  Double 3 is 6.

We had lots of fun carrying on our doubling to practice our skills independently.