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Prayers and Promises during Lent

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Lent is a very special time for Christians, and we have looked at the temptation of Jesus as part of our Collective Worship this half term.  During Lent, many Christians choose to give something up, fast, or make promises about how they can be better people.  We have prayer stations and corners around school for children to pick up a cross and reflect on a promise they can make to themselves or to God.  Children can then either fold it up and keep it somewhere safe as a reminder, or share with others to seek support.

Here are our wonderful Sinai leaders showing everyone else where they can find them.

Empathy plus Migration in Year 5

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This afternoon, Year 5 had a workshop session with Taiye from the Red Cross.  He explained to us about the role of the British Red Cross.  We talked about the key vocabulary of empathy, migration, refugee and asylum seeker. We learned that empathy is the ability to imagine, understand and share the feelings or perspectives of others. By developing empathy, it can help us increase our awareness and understanding of others, our willingness to support others, and create more inclusive, resilient communities.  

We listened to the account of Hamza’s journey as he was seeking asylum and wrote a feeling story and thought about how we would feel if we were in Hamza’s shoes. We also wrote a letter to someone who was new to our country.

As our final task, we considered if we were to do one thing differently about how we treat others from today, what could we do?

Many of the children had some very thoughtful ideas about what we had been working on and were a credit to St Alban’s as always.

During our end of day prayer, Esme said she had chosen The Ukraine as our place in the world to focus our thoughts because she had chosen a prayer that she believed was fitting.  I hope you agree with Esme’s choice. 

Prayer for the Afraid

Dear God,

Take care of those who live in war zones:

Afraid of noise,

afraid of silence:


Afraid for themselves,

afraid for others:


Afraid to stay,

afraid to go:


Afraid of living,

afraid of dying.


Give them peace in their hearts,

in their homes

and in their land.



Sinai House leaders Bible Reading

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Our lovely Sinai House leaders Annie and Preston visited our EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes this afternoon to read the children a bible story. The house leaders did an excellent job using their “story teller” voices to engage the children. All children listened attentively to the stories and answered questions well. Children in Year 2 were able to read along using their own bibles. Well done Sinai leaders!

Merry Christmas

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Well, the final assembly for 2023 was quite lively! We sang Christmas songs, danced, and had a great time. Nursery even joined us for a few songs, and our wonderful Year 6 children did an excellent job looking after them.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday, January 8th, 2024.

Anti-bullying week

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Anti-Bullying Policy

Last week was anti-bullying week. In collective worship, we learnt how to be an anti-bullying school and shared our ‘child-friendly’ anti-bullying policy.

This policy clearly explains exactly what children need to do if they experience bullying. A copy can be found in classrooms and on our school website.

Remember bullying is… Several Times On Purpose (STOP).

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Bible Presentation

By Collective worship, Community, Religious Education, Year 2, Year 3

Today Huw Thomas from the Diocese of Sheffield, presented Bibles to year 2 and 3 children at St Alban’s Church.

Children in year 2 were presented with a picture bible that they will take home at the end of key stage one.

Children are presented with a different Bible when they move in to the juniors (year 3). This Bible stays with the children as they move classes and they take it home when they leave St Alban’s.

How will we use the Bibles?
Children use their Bibles in collective worship, religious education and engage with it weekly in class.

It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents and friends at the service- the perfect finish to a busy week.

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Dancing in the corridors

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Over the past three weeks, our corridors have been filled with uplifting gospel music. And now, we have transitioned to exploring the world of jazz. Through this musical journey, our goal is to familiarise our children with different genres of music and broaden their musical horizons.


Rest assured, despite our newfound musical enthusiasm, we are still maintaining our commitment to orderly behaviour in the corridors. We continue to encourage our students to walk smartly and responsibly. However, you may notice a slight swing in our step as we embrace the rhythms and melodies of these captivating genres!

By exposing our children to a diverse range of musical styles, we aim to ignite their curiosity, and expand their appreciation for music.